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bottom what we do ?

At COMIZZO we are committed to innovative solutions.
Impossible is nothing! Have it the best way!

With 13 years of expertise in the field of mobile value added services Comizzo is a European based company which has consolidated several projects and services into one entity.

Tailor-made design

Keep it simple, make it fun! Design affects the entire flow and determines the ultimate success. "Less is more" is not a cliché, but a design standard!

Clean Coding

Our in house resources allow us to deploy fast and efficiently, building tailor-made solutions for all relevant platforms


Make your project stand out! Having the next big idea might do it, but one of the most effectieve ways of getting a project to stand out should be obvious... Flawless user experience!


Distribution and branding demands creativity and innovation, regardless the medium. New and traditional media are paths we walked several times!

Our Services

We focus on elaborating our own projects and being a great technology provider for clients and partners.
Have a great idea? Make sure you tell us! We love to participate as a partner and thus support young entrepreneurs.
Again impossible is nothing! Have it your way!


Native App Development





Why do you choose Comizzo ?

Comizzo is more than just the sum of its parts, it's collaboration that leads to success.
On top of that our in house resources on a marketing level are a unique factor in the highly competitive business.

We’ve always been mobile

Even before the start of what we call ‘the mobile revolution’ we focussed on mobile services, allowing us to evolve in a natural way as a business.


We love to participate in new projects! Have a great idea? Contact us! We’ll discuss the potential of your idea and who knows… Deploy our in-house resources as a partner.

We are social

Social media technologies take on many different forms! We know how to use those forms and unlock the full potential of all that is social. Build, sell, manage, … Leave it to us!

7X24 support

The Comizzo content team is at your service 24/7, allowing the best customer service available! As previously mentioned we hold in house resources in high regard.


Our in house resources and experience allow us to deploy fast, while making sure everything runs well at all times and secure. Time to start selling online? We can help you out!


Media-partners such as SBS, RTL, … are just a few examples of international partners we’ve worked with in the past or are still working with! Our social expertise also contributes to making the world a smaller place!

Logical decision-making is where we come in!

Comizzo History

Comizzo is the holding company that consolidates major brands and successful services in the mobile content business. Below a few in-house projects from the past 2 years.

Comizzo's Portfolio

Below a selection of our own projects. A wide variety of content services, native applications & websites allows u to provide an all-round knowledge on a technical and business level.




Heaven Help




Politie controle






Dunes Gin


Glu Gin


Matterhorn Gin


Why you'll Love Comizzo ?

We are confident that you will love working with Comizzo. We know that because it's what people tell us. They love it. And it's not just our clients who love us. We aim to make things easier for everyone involved with the businesses we serve.

Comizzos Creative Team

Our team consists of talented and motivated professionals ready to take it to the next level. Common interests and goals makes working a pleasure leading to maximum efficieny.

Vincent Parisis


Entrepeneur, inventive, profit

Stefan Costeur

Managing Director

Focus, team, success

Jeremy De Meyer

Digital Marketing Manager

Social, content, flexible

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